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Here are some of FAQ we got. Anything not answered? Please let us know!

How do I cook the dumplings?

Check the How To Madame Sum Guide here!

Do I have to unfreeze the dumplings before cooking them?

No! We recommend to place them in the bamboo basket/steamer directly from the freezer as soon as you feel like eating them. 

Do I need a  sauce?

We try to prepare and season all the dumplings to ensure that no sauce is needed. We do however have special sauces specific to some  dumplings (e.g. the chutney do the duck and the bbq mayo for the burger buns)

Should I add soy sauce?

No. All of the ingredients we use are of high quality and extremely delicate. Soy  sauce will be overpowering and not fit the Madame Sum experience.

Do I need a paper for the basket?

If you finished the papers you can always ask for a refill. In case you can also get baking paper and punch holes!

Why do the dumplings stick in the steamer?

Try to add some oil on the steaming tray so the dumplings will avoid sticking.

Can I also steam if I don't have a bamboo basket?

Of course! You can steam in different ways! Check our How to Madame Sum Guides here. We however always recommend the bamboo baskets.

Why? Because they keep the food warm, looks great at the table (and are awesome for a sharing meal) and ensure easy cooking (even easier than without!).

Once I bought the dumplings, how long can I keep them for?

On every pack there is a 'recommended before' date. If you  have already opened a pack and plan to finish it another day, try to seal it as best as possible to avoid to formation of water crystals!

Why do you freeze the dumplings?

Bringing high quality homemade dumplings to as many of you as possible is challenging. We always want to guarantee a consistent and memorable product. We 'quick-freeze' all our dumplings right after they're rolled to avoid any additive or preservative. This allows you to have high quality, home-made dumplings kept in your own home freezer!

In simple words?

We freeze the dumplings and they stay as good because we do it in a 'healthy' way! It brings advantages to YOU as you can keep them longer in your freezer.

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