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    When should I expect my delivery to arrive?

    Click here to verify the delivery hours in your city. We will process your dumplings as soon as you place your order and it will be there as fast as possible.

    What if I place my order outside of the delivery hours?

    We will deliver as soon as the deliveries are active again. You can also choose a day/hour frame where you would rather have your package delivered.

    How much does the delivery cost?

    Deliveries are free of charge for all orders above 39 CHF. For all other orders, the delivery fee is of 6.90 CHF.

    I ordered my dumplings, and they're not here yet, what to do?

    We are sorry for the delay and try our best to ensure the fastest delivery possible. Sometimes traffic and the amounts of orders can be challenging and can take a bit longer. Please hold on, and we're going to be there ASAP. Still too long? On your order confirmation, you can find your drivers phone number; you can contact us directly there.

    What if I have a problem with my order?

    We're here to help. Once you've placed an order, just contact our support team by email, and we'll try our best to solve the issue.

    Do I need to tip the delivery gang?

    We don't require or expect any tip at the time of delivery. If you do, we're sure the driver is going to be happy!

    Will the driver drop my package inside my apartment or office?

    If you wish so, of course, if that's your wish, please specify the floor number in the checkout details. If it's easiest for you to walk outside, you can meet at the front door.

    I live in an area where you don't deliver but really want your dumplings, what should I do?

    You can either pick the click and collect option or ask a friend to get them delivered for you. It's frozen and can be kept for long periods. We are trying to expand our delivery areas and hopefully will be closer to you soon!

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    Should I defrost the dumplings before steaming them?

    Definitely not. You should start steaming them directly when they're frozen.

    How do I cook the dumplings?

    You can find our guides to steaming here.

    Can I also steam if I don't have a bamboo basket?

    Yes, you can find our alternative methods here.

    What do I do if I don't have any more paper for the basket?

    At every order, we always try to add some papers. It can happen that we don't give you enough. If this is the case, you can simply use some baking paper and punch some holes. If you don't have backing paper, simply spread some neutral oil to avoid the dumplings from sticking.

    Can I use a regular steamer from home?

    Yes, you can! Simply put some oil or baking paper to avoid the dumplings from sticking and steam them for 6-7 minutes (max humidity and 100°C). Be careful with the truffle brie as it should only be in there for 4 minutes before the cheese pops.

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    Once you deliver the dumplings, how long can I keep them for?

    In general, it's a couple of months! On every package label, there is a "best before" date, we recommend all of our clients to follow that guideline.

    Should I eat the dumplings with soy sauce?

    We try to prepare and season all the dumplings to ensure that no sauce is needed. We do however have special sauces specific to some dumplings (e.g. the trouble maker if you are a spicy lover).

    If I already opened a pack but did not eat all the dumplings, can I keep them in the freezer?

    Of course! If you didn't steam them yet, you can keep them for the same time as indicated in the package, try to seal it as best as possible to avoid the formation of water crystals!

    I'm allergic to something, are you sure it's safe?

    Every product has a product page with allergen specifications. At our Dumpling Atelier, we try our best to avoid any kind of cross-contamination, however, there might always be a low risk of traces of allergens. Please contact our teamfor any further information.

    Why don't you have traditional dumplings?

    Madame Sum is a company based on the innovation and fusion of flavours and cultures. Our concept does not rely on traditional dumplings.

    Why do you freeze the dumplings?

    For three main reasons: To always have the freshest ingredients, high quality (and additive-free) and zero waste. For more info, click here.

    Is any dumpling gluten-free?

    No. At the moment, all our dumplings contain gluten.

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    What is the dumpling addict club?

    The dumpling addict club is our loyalty program. Here we give exclusive deals, giveaways and products.

    How do I join?

    It's simple, just click here and subscribe.

    Is it really interesting to join?

    Yes. We made sure that by joining you can get really cool offers all the time. From birthday gifts to special deals!

    What about my data?

    At Madame Sum, we will not use your personal data for anything else than internal analytics and communications with you. The loyalty tool is hosted by an external provider in compliance with GDPR.

  • CLICK AND COLLECT open minimize

    If I order for the click & collect, can I come anytime?

    As soon as you place your order, we are going to process it and prepare it. No waiting time is required. Please check the opening hours of our pickup points here.

    Can I eat there?

    Unfortunately, at the moment we have no location where you can eat the dumplings.

  • PAYMENT open minimize

    Can I pay at delivery?

    No, at the moment, we only accept online payments directly through the website.

    How are payments processed?

    All payments are processed in total security and according to all privacy laws through our payment providers Stripe and Wallee.

    I paid but did not receive any confirmation, is my order coming?

    Order confirmations are sent automatically once the payment is processed. The email might have ended up in your spam; if no email has been received, your order will probably not have been processed. You can contact us if there is any issue.