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Fresh Food Only

We flash-freeze all of our dumplings as soon as they are rolled to maintain quality, texture and flavor of our products as well as preserve all nutrients!

High Quality

Freezing allows us to avoid additives and preservatives (or other s**t) to our products. Why? Because the extreme cold delays the growth of microorganisms affecting the quality of the food.

ZERO Waste

We don’t trash anything. Using our mastery in freezing, everything that enters our kitchen is used to make delicious dumplings. The result: zero food waste!

Philippe Gobet
Chef exécutif at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Freezing allows you to choose from a vast selection of seasonal ingredients all year round.

Daniela and Emanuel
Foodscout & co-founders at Felfel

Frozen food is nutritionally more reliable than fresh as freezing prevents sensitive vitamins and nutrients from being lost during transportation.